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Mock Stock

About the committee

At Mock Stock this year, we aim to make history meet a modern simulation of a bustling trading floor. Delegates will find themselves immersed in the intense atmosphere of pre-digital stock market trading, courtesy of sophisticated in-house algorithms meticulously crafted to recreate the fervor of those bygone eras. The challenge presented to participants is a daunting one – to master the intricate art of trading without the crutch of real-world market fluctuations.Each decision they make reverberates through their simulated finances, demanding effective crisis management strategies. While the market reports provided do not mirror real situations verbatim, carefully calibrated caps on trade volume and monetary resources ensure a realistic experience. The trading realms span various stock market segments, including equity, currency, commodities, and beyond. Judges keep a discerning eye, evaluating participants' trading strategies, market navigation prowess, decision-making acumen, and their grasp of the intricate nuances that govern the trading realm. Participants must justify their choices, demonstrating a profound understanding of negotiation tactics, crisis management protocols, and the intricate psychology that underpins market behaviour. Mock Stock is a comprehensive magnification of the realms of markets and human behavior, enabling participants to emerge as savvier investors, armed with invaluable insights. Embrace the challenges, unlock your strategic potential, and conquer the simulated trading floor with unwavering determination and finesse.



Vidit Aggarwal

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Vatsal Goel

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