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About the committee

Entrepreneurship involves transforming creative ideas into something new and valuable. The X Pitch Committee convenes with a mission to unveil solutions for a business idea that will be based on a current problem in the market, embodying the spirit of creativity and problem-solving. Delegates gather to confront this unique problem statement, embarking on a journey of collaborative brainstorming and strategic thinking.The problem statement serves as a catalyst for innovation, igniting a fervor of creativity as delegates delve into the intricacies of the challenge at hand. During this event, participants will have the chance to collaborate with team members who specialise in marketing, management, and financial analysis. In the culminating phase of the conference, these teams will unite their expertise to deliver compelling pitches for their products, showcasing their abilities and vision. Drawing from a wealth of experience and expertise across various industries, the committee fosters an environment of open dialogue and exploration, where no idea is too bold or unconventional. Throughout the brainstorming process, diverse perspectives converge, sparking lively debates and inspiring breakthroughs.Through entrepreneurial ingenuity, the committee aims to uncover novel approaches that address the  issues at hand. By leveraging the collective expertise and diverse perspectives of its delegates, X Pitch endeavors to catalyze transformative solutions that transcend conventional boundaries. Together, we chart a course towards true innovation, one ingenious pitch at a time. With each pitch, the committee inches closer to revolutionary solutions that redefine the market landscape and inspire change



Aaryan Kayal   

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