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About the committee

This year, the Marketing Committee will provide a platform for eliciting creativity and inducing an all-encompassing environment to tailor effective advertisement strategies to the requirements of the market and communicate the benefits of the product to potential customers. The young entrepreneurs will be expected to showcase their marketing prowess, collaborate, innovate, and compete for a common niche, that is “beverages”, in a series of sessions designed to simulate real-world business challenges. Initially, the entrepreneurs have to present their assigned start-up. During this, they will be tested on the marketing strategies they can come up with and their effectiveness on the customers (Executive Board). A week prior to the event, a common product will be introduced and delegates will be allocated into 4 groups to collaborate together and prepare marketing campaigns, also giving a sales pitch of a short duration. The participants have the discretion to use anything to present live stalls as salespersons and pitch their products orally to the general audience comprising roughly 50 customers who will have the option to buy the product from only one stall. Subsequently, they will be required to tackle an individual “surprise” which will be introduced at the end of the third committee session, which we are sure that the delegates will definitely not expect, but the experience will be enriching to their business mindsets. By the time that the committee sessions end, the delegates will leave with many skills such as collaboration, presentation skills, leadership qualities and a piece of motivation to keep moving forward in the world of marketing and advertising.



Daksh Raj Arora

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