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IPL Auction

The IPL auction process is a crucial event where franchises bid for players to form their teams for the upcoming season. The auction is structured and involves key roles and responsibilities, including the auctioneer, franchise owners, bidding teams, and audience members. The auction process begins with the introduction of the first player up for bidding by the auctioneer, followed by a structured bidding process with franchise owners placing bids in predetermined increments. Bidding teams collaborate with franchise owners to provide strategic advice and support. Player profiles are provided to franchise owners for review, enabling them to assess players' suitability for their teams and devise bidding strategies accordingly. The auction process continues with each subsequent player, with franchise owners engaging in competitive bidding to secure players who best fit their team's requirements and strategy. Post-auction procedures include generating a comprehensive compilation of player acquisitions by each franchise, addressing any disputes or discrepancies, and providing feedback on the auction experience. The session concludes with a recap of the auction outcomes, highlighting significant player acquisitions and bidding trends observed throughout the process. The session concludes with a call for feedback on the auction experience, ensuring its relevance and value to all participants.  The winner is determined the winner involves evaluating participants' diplomatic skills, problem-solving abilities, presentation skills, adherence to rules and procedures, and collaboration and leadership qualities.

About the committee



Udathveer Singh Pasricha

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